This is a unique fruit and vegetable organizer in the fridge

You will be able to keep your fresh produce, drinks, and other items. It has a filter basket where you can wash vegetables and organic products.

Perfect for fruits and vegetables. Your new fruit and veggie organizer can properly separate produce by type. You can also utilize the basket as a water-straining device. It’s great for washing vegetables and organic products!

The Fridge Storage is a convenient and attractively designed fruit and vegetable organizer. It helps organize your fruits and vegetables while allowing air circulation. The filter basket can be used to wash those dirty organic products.

This is the perfect storage solution for storing vegetables, fruits, and organic products in your fridge. It has a filter basket that can be used to wash fruit and veggies to ensure they are clean at all times.

This vertical fruit and vegetable organizer is ideal for all those who want to keep their fridge organized. The integrated filter basket makes it perfect for cleaning fruits and vegetables so you can enjoy the tastiest meals all year round.

This home appliance is a great space saver for your fridge and pantry. With the ability to be adjusted, you can fit different-sized produce. So when you buy those big zucchinis or corn, you can fit them all in one handy drawer! It’s perfect for storing lettuce and other greens to keep them fresh longer, or it’s ideal for storing berries, apples, or any other products that may need to be stored in drawers.

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