Pasta machine

This pasta machine is simple and easy to use with an internal scale that measures flour and water—no more trouble preparing pasta at home.

It makes flat sheets of pasta for lasagna or noodles, or filled sheets for ravioli.

Our pasta machine is perfect for home cooks looking to make fresh, homemade pasta. The internal scale automatically measures ingredients and creates any type of pasta. Durable and stable, it’s easy to use and clean.

Making fresh pasta has never been easier. The slow process of kneading and rolling dough is eliminated by adding the ingredients to our patented internal scale, which measures flour and water and adds the proportionate amount of each automatically. Your fresh pasta will be ready in minutes.

No more trouble with the preparation of pasta at home. This machine is equipped with a digital display, which allows you to set up the flour and water proportion, but it also has an internal scale that measures flour and mixes dough for its immediate use or for later.

The pasta machine is ideal for making noodles, lasagna, or fettuccine. It comes with rolling pins, guide rollers, and a built-in scale. The dual-die device ensures that each sheet of pasta is perfectly flat.

Get fresh pasta at the crack of dawn or prepare a feast for family and friends with this versatile pasta maker. 

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